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Wooden Frame Canvas Hammock Raised Pet Bed for Cats, Rabbits and Small Dogs

Wooden Frame Canvas Hammock Raised Pet Bed for Cats, Rabbits and Small Dogs

Original price was: $28.99.Current price is: $21.99.

Wooden Frame Canvas Hammock Raised Pet Bed for Cats, Rabbits and Small Dogs

Cat, Rabbits, Dogs and Ferrets hammock available all year round Using pine + canvas Canvas is breathable, dirt resistant and scratch resistant, and can be disassembled for cleaning The four corners are pine pillars Meet the needs of support, cushioning and comfortable contact, durable and stable structure The right distance from the ground. Avoid moisture on the ground and enjoy the cool Suitable for indoor / outdoor occasions. Your cat / dog can stay comfortably in their nest. It’s the best gift for your pet

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Wooden Frame Canvas Hammock Raised Pet Bed for Cats, Rabbits and Small Dogs

Wooden Frame Canvas Hammock Raised Pet Bed for Cats, Rabbits and Small Dogs


Wooden Frame Canvas Hammock Raised Pet Bed for Cats, Rabbits and Small Dogs

1. Sleeping on the floor without a pad can cause pain at the pressure points of the hips, hooks and elbows. But a raised pet bed can eliminate these pressure points, resulting in a more comfortable sleep.

2. Keep cool or warm with its special design. Your pet can stay away from the cold ground in cold weather and stay cool in the hot summer thanks to the breathable mesh fabric.

Replacement Cloth. If you need replacement cloth please note what design you need with your order


1. Breathable all year round. It’s cool in summer, but it’s not cold under a blanket in winter.

2. Portable and detachable. You can remove the bed and install it when you arrive at your destination.

3. The bed frame is made of natural wood, non-toxic, and will not harm your health or the health of your pets.

Product information:

Name: Wooden Frame Canvas Cat and Rabbit Pet Moisture Proof Hammock

Material: Pine canvas

Round wood [column diameter 5cm, cross bar diameter 2cm]

Canvas [50*45cm]

Packing list: Hammock

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 3 in

Blue Cat, Blue Polar Bear, Blue Strip, Gray Grid, Gray Rabbit, Green Alpacas, Light Blue Bunny, Paris Design, Pink and Gray Triangle, Pink Plaid, Strip Style, White Cat, Yellow Grid

88 reviews for Wooden Frame Canvas Hammock Raised Pet Bed for Cats, Rabbits and Small Dogs

  1. Laura B

    Cute hammock and great quality

  2. Alice H

    He loves it!!! The size is perfect and and easy to put together.

  3. Lisa W

    My piggies love their new bed

  4. Becca A

    My rabbits *love* this! I was hesitant at first, because they are so picky, but they snuggle together on it daily. I had been considering buying this for quite a while but I’m so happy I finally purchased it! The quality is wonderful for the price and the rabbits are happy – it’s a win-win!

  5. Jalen E

    It was a little tricky figuring it out but once we got it all put together, it was perfect!!!

  6. Lexi H

    Awesome hammock!

  7. Hayley B

    It’s everything you think and wish it to be. My bunny loves it.

  8. Nicole B

    Perfect bed for my Kili. She loves it

  9. Lauren B

    Shipping was fast. Cookie loves it

  10. Stacy W

    Great quality bed! Just use a rubber mallet when putting together to make sure it stays together well. My bunny loves it! Thank you!

  11. Judy R

    I bought this for my granddaughter‘s bunny. She saw it on etsy so we ordered it for her birthday. The bunnie‘s birthday not my granddaughter😂 Hara that bunny absolutely loves it! The minute they put it down she sniffed it touched it got into it and never got out😁 t is well-made. Fits in perfectly where you put it. But most of all bunny perfect.

  12. Dina G

    This is my chihuahua’s favorite bed

  13. Marissa K

    Adorable bed! Bought a few of these. Bunnies and kitties love it.

  14. Janet S

    Shop owner was quick to take care of a sizing issue. Very responsive. Will buy from her shop again in the future. My bunny and cat love the bed.

  15. Lauren K

    My baby loves laying on it

  16. Sadie L

    My baby bunny sleeps on his bed at night 😊 thank you

  17. Kylie D

    My bunnies absolutely love lounging and cuddling on this! Great purchase

  18. Christina S

    My chins like to jump and chill on it

  19. Lindsay T

    My bun bun loves his bed, it’s the perfect size for a Flemish Giant!

  20. Irma G

    Much more vibrant & sturdy compared to other Merchants I bought the same type from.

  21. Katy S

    The hammock is very well made and sturdy. My cat loves laying on it

  22. Stacy W

    Great quality bed! Just use a rubber mallet when putting together to make sure it stays together well. My bunny loves it! Thank you!

  23. Susan B

    The hammoc is well made and my cat loves it

  24. Susan D

    Love the hammock!

  25. Marissa K

    Loved by the bunns and the kitts!

  26. Marissa K

    Bunnies love it and the kitties!

  27. Tamara B

    Super Hängematte 👌 tolles Material nur der Versand hat lange gedauert, was aber im Moment überall der Fall ist und das falsche Muster wurde geliefert aber das ist nicht schlimm 😀

  28. Sabine K

    Got the product, it is amazing!

  29. Judy W

    So stinking cute! Took our bunny a few days to get the used to hanging out on his new bed, but now he loves it!

  30. Marissa G

    Cottina loves her bed! Works best after one wash cycle.

  31. Kimchi K

    My bunny LOVES this bed and I am so incredibly happy. He sits on it ALL THE TIME!

  32. Emma W

    Great quality and fast shipping. love it thank you!

  33. Maggie L

    Love this hammock bed just ther perfect addtion to my rabbits play pen

  34. Lori R

    The quality on the bed is nice. The item matched the description. The bunnies love it!

  35. Nancy W

    A great little hammock couch for my bunny. She uses it as a place to keep an eye on me when I am working around the house. It shipped quickly and was easy to assemble. I can recommend this shop!

  36. Nikki

    OMG💓🥺 This is so cute thank you!!!

  37. Lindsay T

    My bun bun loves his bed, it’s the perfect size for a Flemish Giant!

  38. Veronica A

    This cot is the best thing I’ve ever purchased on Etsy! my bunny loves this! you need this for your bunny!!

  39. Brittani S

    I bought 2 of these beds for my bunnies and they both seem to love them. I couldn’t get a picture of my girl on it, she’s sassy and jumps off everytime I try, but here’s a picture of my boy! Thank you for these cute beds! The seller is very sweet and quick to reply, don’t miss out!

  40. Brittani S

    This Hammock is awesome for my bunnies. It is easy to take apart and washand reassemble back for use.

  41. Stephanie K

    The bed is Easy to put together, and my rabbit loves it!

  42. Abby N

    My cats and rabbits alike love this as a cool resting place!

  43. Madison W

    The shipping was very fast and I was not disspointed by the hammock. It fits perfectly in my living room

  44. Tara C

    Cute hammock!

  45. Jeannette K

    My rabbit loves it!

  46. Kendra W

    100% bunny approved! I haven’t seen the plop yet, but I know it’s coming! Both of my boys seem to love this.

  47. Kristy B

    Luv this, easy to put together and bigger than I thought both of my bunnies can lay side by side. So cute

  48. Sarah W

    Adorable! As soon as I put this down on the floor, our two bunnies hopped onto it. They love taking naps together on this. Wish I had purchased one sooner!

  49. Katie H

    great product, easy to assemble, fast shipping

  50. Jade A

    so many thank you’s! mahalo

  51. Jade A

    so clean and sturdy!!! Mahalo!

  52. Kay R

    Little bun buns like relaxing on the bed, but mostly to eat the wood LOL It is VERY sturdy. The only thing is the box wasn’t completely sealed in shipping, but nothing was damaged. Other than that, super happy with it!

  53. Michelle S

    Nice hammack! Really happy with this purchase for my bunny

  54. Suzanne Z

    Sally loves spending time on her new hammock

  55. Elizabeth T

    Leo loves his bed/hammock.

  56. Heather C

    Very cute, our dwarf bunny loves this and even enjoys grinding his teeth down on wood ( but not enough to do damage).

  57. Brenda R

    Item was very well-made and delivered quickly!

  58. Becca F

    Fast shipping and easy setup

  59. Jill S

    Great quality- exactly as pictured!

  60. Kaylie S

    This is well made, easy to assemble and disassemble. My little bun is a happy dude! He loves his bed and it’s a little bouncy and very comfy for him

  61. Taylor B

    This was amazing! My rabbit Ms. Buns loves it! It’s amazing quality and arrived with perfect instructions and excellent packaging!! Thank you so much!

  62. Ellen F

    Very nice hammock my cat is loving it

  63. Ellen F

    Hello. Purchased two kitty beds/hammocks. Came across this store while perusing ETSY and my babies instantly hopped on immediately after assembling, which was super easy and quick to do. Lotsa cute prints and speedy shipping. Would def recommend. Thank you again!

  64. Tara N

    Very nice product. Sturdy and great quality. Shipping took a while.

  65. Lisa W

    Shipped quickly and was very easy to put together. The buns live on this bed

  66. Breana M

    Lovely hammock pet bed! My bunnies cant get enough it and i am happy i found this pet store. I am a fan!!!!

  67. Irene C

    Very good product, my rabbit loves his small animal hammock so much.

  68. Madeline S

    This hammock is very easy to setup and very sturdy. My rabbit loves it and spend most of the time on it.

  69. Katie H

    This hammock is very sturdy. My cat loves it

  70. Uyen T

    The item is just as described. My bunny is very picky and never likes anything that I buy for him…but he LOVES his new bed. He is constantly sitting or napping on it so I am very happy with this purchase. Also, Claire responds to my questions quickly and is super accomodating. I will definitely buy from this shop again.

  71. Emma W

    Quality is great! My rabbit loves it and can’t get enough of this bed

  72. Isabella G

    Tasty Treats

  73. Amber T

    My bun loves it! She did try chewing the fabric and the wood so we just put a blanket on top and it is a comfy little bed for her. Thank you!

  74. Alondra S

    easy to put together and my bunnies love it, thank you

  75. Christy G

    Very nice. I could put it together and the cat jumped right on. Awesome.

  76. Neka M

    My cat i sloving this small animal hammock bed

  77. Shaun L

    Awesome small animal hammock perfect for my rabbits.

  78. Hailey B

    My rabbit loves the hammock so much, he loves to job on it and flop.

  79. Jenna S

    Beautifully made rabbit hammock.

  80. Tammy W

    My bunnies just wanted to flip it but my dog loves it

  81. Kerin S

    Our bun loves his new bed! Hopped right on.

  82. Melanie W

    Great experience all around and our bun loves his new bed!

  83. Alyssa S

    My rabbit loves the bed and i am happy with the purchase.

  84. John M

    Love this small animal hammock bed and so as my bunny rabbit.

  85. Leah D

    Bunny loves it! Very nice product

  86. Patrick P

    My bunny rabbits love laying and bunny flopping on this hammock bed. It is very sturdy and easy to put together. Taking it apart to wash it is a breeze too!

  87. Michael P

    Bunny’s took a bit to take to it, but now they both flop, lounge, and sleep in it all the time.

  88. Julie F

    The bunnies adore this bed! I’ve tried other bed, but this is one where they regularly hang out together or solo. Great purchase!

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