We are looking for brand ambassadors! Do you have what it takes? Here’s what you need to know. As a brand ambassador, you will receive free promotional products and discounts, as well as be able to monetize your content, and earn 10% Basic Rank, 12% Premium Rank or 15% Expert Rank Brand Ambassador commissions on the sales you refer with no cap. If you are interested in becoming a Truly Pawesome Pet Shop brand ambassador, fill out the brand ambassador application. Ambassadors will be responsible for representing our brand in exchange of the following perks


    • Earn money when your followers make a purchase on our channels.

    • 10% Basic Rank, 12% Premium Rank or 15% Expert Rank Brand Ambassador commission on sales coming from your channel

    • We offer a 10% discount code for you and your followers

    • Provide contests and giveaways

    • Free promotional items to market on your channel.
    • Ranking System- None to Basic Rank 1000 referrals, Premium Rank 2000 referrals and Expert Rank 3000 referrals
    • Monthly Payout via Paypal


Brand Ambassador Contract Form https://www.jotform.com/sign/223225537198056/invite/01gj8qcf8b119c692437c56b46

Brand Ambassador Registration Page: https://www.trulypawesomepetshop.com/become-an-affiliate

Brand Ambassador Login Page: https://www.trulypawesomepetshop.com/affiliate-login/

Brand Ambassador Dashboard Page: https://www.trulypawesomepetshop.com/my-account

Brand Ambassador Password Recovery: https://www.trulypawesomepetshop.com/lost-password/